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        08 January 2018

        Copenhagen Bike Hub

        by Stephanie Patterson

        Copenhagenize Design Company’s time at our very cool co-working space on Paper Island/Papir?en is sadly coming to an end – the island's old industrial buildings are being demolished to make way for a new residential development. We’ll miss the creative vibe in our office - and on the island - that we have experienced daily for over four years. Paper Island was a freestyle creative hub that captured the imagination of Copenhageners and visitors alike.

        Harbour bathing is a regular, year-round activity at our office

        Instead of resigning ourselves to tristesse, or to merely search for new offices, we decided to finally dust off an old Copenhagenize idea. Luckily, some ideas get better with age. Back in 2008, Copenhagenize Design Co. CEO Mikael Colville-Andersen envisioned that "Danish bicycle culture needs a physical home. A place where ideas can be fostered and discussed. A launch pad and showcase for Danish bicycle innovation". Colville-Andersen had teamed up with Marie K?strup - who is now the head of the bicycle programme for the City of Copenhagen - and developed a list of ideas that would place focus internationally and nationally on Copenhagen as a bicycle city. A list that included harvested ideas from abroad but also original ideas like establishing a bicycle center and even a bicycle museum. The mayor of traffic at the time, Klaus Bondam, embraced the idea and worked, for a time, on the concept of an Urban Showroom, without completing the idea. However, the original idea from 2008 led to the establishment of the Bicycle Innovation Lab, the first cultural center for cycling complete with a bicycle library and events. We wrote about the launch of BIL here back in 2011.

        With the impending need for new offices, the idea has surfaced once again and this time a strong tailwind is pushing it along. Enter: CPH Bike Hub. With the growing global interest in reestablishing the bicycle as a feasible transport form in cities, Danish bicycle planning, social cycling innovation and product design - among other aspects of the cycling community - can benefit from gathering under one roof.

        Statement of support from Gil Penalosa from 8-80 Cities, who regularly bring delegations to Copenhagen.

        We are thrilled that the idea has now gained purchase and is in a serious development stage, moving steadily towards becoming a reality. We're pleased to have a long list of colleagues join us on board. The core development team, apart from Copenhagenize Design Co. includes Cycling Without Age and the Danish Cyclists' Federation and Leader Lab. A veritable dream team.

        The idea for the CPH Bike Hub is not just sharing office space and innovation with colleagues. It also includes creating a destination for visitors. With all the delegations that come to Copenhagen to learn about bicycle planning, we have plans to develop a conference space to host them. Not just the delegations that Copenhagenize Design Co hosts, but also the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Cyclists Federation will benefit from having dedicated space to host visitors. Plans also include an exhibition space, a café/bar and meeting rooms.

        Indeed, the City of Copenhagen supports the general idea of creating a space for cycling:
        "The City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Program welcomes all initiatives that will accelerate local innovation and product design in the field of cycling, bringing global attention to Copenhagen’s unique cycling culture. Establishing a physical meeting point for co-creation and showcasing will be valuable to the city as well as to the global community."
        Marie K?strup, City of Copenhagen

        Core Concepts for the proposed CPH Bike Hub.

        We have seen the emergence of similar bike hubs in places like Barcelona with BiciClot  and the Netherlands with the Dutch Bicycle Centre and we hope that the CPH Bike Hub will contribute to this growing trend and the global dissemination of knowledge and experience.

        At time of writing, we are working hard with colleagues to establish the foundations of the CPH Bike Hub, secure financing and gather as many likeminded companies, organisations and individuals as possible. The list of colleagues continues to grow and includes the following:

        · CYCLING WITHOUT AGE - Worldwide cycling non-profit for the elderly
        · COPENHAGEN CYCLES - Global distributor of innovative bike trishaws
        · LEADERLAB - Nordic sustainability business accelerators
        · VELORBIS - Leading Danish bicycle brand
        · MATE - Rapidly growing local E-Bike brand
        · CYKELKOKKEN - Innovative and well-known Copenhagen cycling chef
        · COH & CO - Sustainable materials bicycle producers
        · SCANDINAVIAN SIDE CAR - Cutting-edge Danish cargo bikes solutions
        · HOE360 CONSULTING - Danish green mobility consultancy

        Morten Kabell – the former environmental and technical mayor of Copenhagen joined Copenhagenize Design Company in early January 2018 as COO and he is now also spearheading the work to establish CPH Bike Hub together with our colleagues. The timeline is still under development, but we are looking forward to letting the world know about the launch when the time comes.

        Stay tuned. We're excited.

        For more information about joining the CPH Bike Hub, email Morten at morten @ copenhagenize .eu

        13 November 2014

        Cycling Without Age in YOUR City

        Watch this TED x talk. It is inspiring. It is moving. It is important. Watch it and share it.

        Not just because it's about bikes but because it is about caring for our elderly, rebuilding a volunteer-minded society and it is about how individuals with passion and vision can change things. Change things quickly, effectively and massively.

        I know this individual. I work three metres from him every day. Ole Kassow is his name.

        I met Ole in 2010 at TED x Copenhagen when I was presenting this TED talk. He introduced himself and told me that reading Copenhagenize.com and Cycle Chic was the direct inspiration for selling the family car and banking on bicycles, as I wrote about previously.

        Ole is the single most inspiring individual I know in my life. Full stop. The story, outlined in the above TED talk could have happened to many people, but of course it happened to Ole. And of course Ole took it to the next level, even though the development of the project Cycling Without Age / Cykling uden alder has taken him by surprise.

        There are countless good points in the book The Culture of Fear by British sociologist Frank Furedi about the societal development since the 1950s - from a sense of community to a more egoistic, individual state of mind. This loss of community is regrettable. Fewer people volunteer for things, fewer people participate in organisations, etc.. It's easier to LIKE something on Facebook.

        I don't need to write too much about Ole's Cycling Without Age project - he spells it out brilliantly in the TED talk, above. But I am amazed how the project has captured the imagination of so many people and how the volunteer-based participation bucks the societal trend in style. People of all ages are signing up to take the elderly for bike rides. Giving the elderly The Right to Wind in Their Hair with bicycles is something that has hit a nerve.

        As I write this, there are about 37 municipalities in Denmark who are now rolling around with their elderly citizens. 150 rickshaws are on the cycle tracks of the nation, with many, many more on the way. Because of the demand, Ole is having a new rickshaw developed.

        The international interest is just as massive. Eight municipalities in Norway are rolling. There is interest from twelve countries in starting up Cycling Without Age. Even as far away as Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada.

        You can never plan for anything to go viral. It just does. When it's a passionate project about caring for our elderly, it's fantastic.

        You simply can't not be involved. Wherever you are in the world. This is too important. Check this out:

        Cycling Without Age in Your City?

        I have been completely fascinated by the European Space Agency landing a probe on a comet 500 million km away from earth this week. I've been staring at the photos, absorbing all the articles. It's amazing. If I think about it, however, Cycling Without Age led by Ole and his team is just as impressive. The same "how is it POSSIBLE?" and "how do they DO it?" questions arise. I am amazed, inspired, impressed.

        Let's not rest until rickshaws are rolling around the world and our elderly have been given the right to wind in their hair.

        08 May 2014

        Copenhagenize's New Bike Racks from Veks?

        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        We recently moved in our new offices on Paper Island (Papir?en) on the harbour in Copenhagen. A fantastic place to work, populated by wonderful, creative people.

        There was one little detail missing. You can't very well be a fancy, blah blah blah urban design company like Copenhagenize Design Co. and NOT have bicycle parking outside your offices. It was wrong, so very wrong. What to do?

        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        Ole, from Purpose Makers and Cycling Without Age / Cykling uden alder, lending a hand.

        Simple really. You call Veks?. A legendary Danish company that started in the 1950s, producing bike racks for the Danish schools. A company that has made literally hundreds of thousands of bike racks over more than 60 years. Then they branched out into other urban furniture like covered racks and busstops, digital bike counters, footrests like the ones in Copenhagen, air pumps and tilted garbage cans for cyclists.

        All of it in the kind of aesthetic design you'd expect from a Danish company with the slogan "Enriching Urban Life".

        If you stood on a random, busy street in Copenhagen and removed the Veks? products, you'd be hard-pressed to find your busstop, throw away your rubbish or park your bicycle.

        Check out Veks?'s online catalogue right here: Enriching Urban Life

        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        Testing the racks out and finding the right placement width.
        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        Veks? came all the way from Jutland - Fredericia - to deliver our racks. Thanks!
        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        We put the racks where people were parking their bikes anyway. Right by the entrance. Useless to place them anywhere else.
        New Bike Racks at Copenhagenize Design Co.
        Paper Island's "Mr Clean" came past when we were placing the racks. He grabbed a broom and said, spontaneously, "shouldn't I sweep now that it looks so nice?" Yes, please and thank you!

        And thanks to Veks? for helping us bling up our parking.

        08 April 2013

        Ageless Cycling

        Et varmt hjerte
        My friend Ole had an idea last year. The elderly who are in care homes need to get out a bit more. They grew up on bicycles. Why not take them for a ride? He borrowed a Christiania pedicab and volunteered to take the residents of a care home for a ride through the city. Talking with them, hearing their stories, showing them their town from the cycle track.

        The idea is good. So good that the care home invested in a fleet of the pedicabs from Christiania Bikes. Now Ole took it to the next level and he started a group called Cykling uden alder - or Cycling Without Age. Last weekend they arranged a fantastic bike ride through the city with the fleet of pedicabs and a group of supporters.


        As Ole puts it:

        "Cycling Without Age is about quality of life.

        It's about showing that the city is at it's loveliest when seen from the cycle track.
        It's about the fact that cyclists are happier.
        It's about the fact that cyclists are healthier, live longer and are less ill.

        We want to promote that more people use their bicycle each day. There are already many that ride here in Copenhagen, but we can be many more. Especially children and the elderly.

        Everyone who met up here today (at the bike ride) are living examples that we can make a difference.

        Will you do me a favour and tell at least one person about this day and this bike ride and get that person to cycle more?
        If you do that, you'll be a part of creating a better city and a better and happier Denmark."

        What can you possibly add to that but some photos?

        Ole's mum was on the ride, too.

        Ole's mor
        Ole's mum again.

        And here's Ole himself, in action.

        Having inspiring friends is a gift. Ole is also on the board of Cykelrepublikken.

        All the photos are by Sandra from the always brilliant Classic Copenhagen blog.